[21/31] My 10 Favourite Foods

Ah, piece of cake:

1. All kind of my homemade foods: esp. Ayam bumbu ketumbar khas Belitung.
2. All kind of soy-nut-based foods: Tempe, tahu, tauco, miso, etc.
3. All kind of vegetables: Lotek/Pecel/Gado-gado/Urap-urap/rujak
4. Grill Fish (feat. sambal kecap)
5. Egg; omellete, boiled, poached, scrambled
6. Whole Wheat Bread with peanut butter
7. Nuts and beans; almond, pistachio, peanut, mete, adzuki, chickpeas, etc.
8. Cream Crackers (plain)
9. Kastangel
10. All kind of fruits

I know that I’m cheating. Those are more than 10! Gimana atuh, I couldn’t mention it with just one name of food.
Intinya, Saya ga terlalu masalah dengan makanan apapun, selama halal, enak, ga makan sendirian, dan lebih milih makanan tradisional (not prefer fastfoods).

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