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[15/31] A Day in My Life

I am a person who likes routine and on schedule. But, it doesn’t matter to an unpredictable one.
If I move to a new place, it will takes a little bit time to setting up myself and adapting with the environment. When I’m in Bandung, (was in) Pasuruan, and now in Cikarang, (probably) will have similar activities. So, a day in my life, in new place in Cikarang for this couple weeks, tentatively:

[Work Day]
04:30-05:00 (04:30 is my latest time to) Wake up – Sholat Subuh – Al Ma’tsurat
05:00~05:45 Stretching – walking around area, a little bit jogging.
05:45~06:30 Prepare to work. I’m not taking a long shower and not doing complicated make up.
06:30~06:50 On the way to Office. It depends on what time my friend will ready to go, because I am ‘nebeng’ or ‘Ojeg’-ing.
06:50~07:10 Breakfast at the canteen (We get free breakfast). Or I just skip the breakfast and Sholat Dhuha, instead. Pagi hari di kantin itu cukup heboh. Ibu-ibu biasanya bawa tambahan lauk pauk untuk sarapan dari rumah, saling berbagi dan menawarkan, dan sambil bercerita seru tentang ini itu.
07:10~07:30 Start the alarm to work. But before that we do morning light exercise, and then gathered for each department, say company principal together, and hear speech from different people for each day.
07:30~16:20 Working time. (we also get free lunch at the canteen)
16:20~17:00 Cooling down – Sholat Ashar – go kosan.
17:00~18:00 Looking for dinner, internet-ing, take a shower.
18:00~19:15 Sholat maghrib – tilawah – browsing/reading – Sholat Isya.
19:15~22:00 Internet-ing again (what else?)+reading+cleaning+chatting+snacking/ gimana mood weh mau ngapain.
22:00~04:30 Sleeping (if i can sleep).

When it comes for Friday, the scenario will be:
16:30~17:00 Sholat Ashar and go to bus station to catch the bus which is track to Bandung (if I wanna go home) or to Bogor (If I wanna visit my cousins and culinary) or to BSD Tangerang (If I wanna play with my nieces and learn to bake a breads).
17:00~Sundaynight Take my time – Back to Cikarang.

[Weekend, If I’m not going anywhere, just in kosan]
04:30~05:30 (I’m a morning person. Although it’s out off work, I still do my morning routine) Wake up – Sholat Subuh – Al Ma’tsurat – stretching
05:30~07:00 Cycling. Oyeah, I prefer do a long way to cycling. I like enjoying the morning time; breaking the dawn, the shimmering sunlight, fresh breeze. Moreover, in the weekend, it’s not as crowded as work day. Kinda more peaceful.
07:00~ Me time. Gimana mood lagi. Diem seharian di kosan atau keluar jalan-jalan.

Sebenarnya saya ingin sekali setiap wiken itu bisa dipake untuk tidur siang. Tapi entah kenapa, saya selalu ga bisa tidur siang, walau malamnya udah tidur larut. Tapi mengapa kalau di kantor, siang hari saya suka ngantuk banget? Penyakit apa ini???

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