Move On?

I’m thinking and I’m thinking..

I don’t have to move on from someone or anyone or anywhere.
Because its just useless.

I just have to moving on from myself.
From all my pass guilty and stupidity.

Start to love and respect myself again.
So the others will do the same.


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2 responses to “Move On?

  1. Marquez

    I am glad to read the Quotes which you type just now. but you seem had drowned into a deep selfishness .. but, I believe that when you ‘move on’ from one world to the new world, you may unwittingly have said something like you wrote above .. sorry if any of my words were not pleased .. I just wanna respond your problem and I don’t mean to interferin your own bussiness , and i hope that you could be much better than today.

    pleased to know you
    Marquez 🙂

    • arditafanisa

      Thank you for stopped by and gave a kind comment. My pleasure to have your opinion. I open to receive any point of view, to help me through this phase.
      Yeah, maybe I’m selfish right now. I just thought that’s the only way to protect myself from another dissapointment and expecting from human.
      I’m only a learner. And try to growing up for a better woman. 🙂

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