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Evil and Angel

It’s kinda funny, yet obvious.
While all the social medias that I followed showing two different kind of sides.
Evil and angel.

Evil; when the romantic-butterfly-lovely-flowerish-feel-like-that surrounded the couples.
I do feel envy. Because I think that they can preparing their wedding (some)day with cheer-up and thingy-romantic-drama like that.
Fall in love and already imagine that they will spend entire life with the (maybe) ‘right-one’.
I was at that moment..

Angel; when the other side, no-dating-before-marriage campaign so forcing lately.
Just marry directly, without need that butterfly-feeling before marriage.
They said ‘You can absolutely feel that after you married.’
It is the way of Allah’s likes. The way it should be as a moslem.
I know that’s the truth. That’s the right way.
But why I feel insecure if I marry a stranger?
Yeah, maybe my ‘niat’ isn’t right yet. I’m not understand about life in here and here after, yet.
Too much sins and mistakes repeatedly.
Forgive me, Allah..

Huft, it’s been a looooong time that I write such this long english blog.
I know its a mess!
Sorry for my grammatical-crime.

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